Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ben Tanzer

Ben Tanzer is a prolific novelist and an Emmy-award winning Public Service Announcement writer.

His recent novels include Orphans.

From Tanzer's Q & A with Jeremy L. C. Jones for Clarkesworld:

Where did Orphans start for you?

I was out running and had this idea that I wanted to do something about a father and a son and that the father would be a salesman. I thought it could be a sort of homage to Death of a Salesman, because why aim low, right? But then I thought, maybe it shouldn’t be quite so contemporary, and maybe I should focus on trying not to repeat myself. So I thought, what if the father sold real estate on Mars, and then maybe it could be more of a mash-up of the Martian Chronicles and Glengarry Glen Ross? With his obligations to his family, he had little choice about whether to take the job? Maybe then, I could also go for a Silver Surfer vibe? And what if work in general is not really available at all anyway, but it feels like the only job available to him at all? If the near future could look like that, then the protagonist could also fly in retired space shuttles to work, have a clone replace him at home while traveling for work, and even be offered the occasional robot hand job for ...[read on]
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--Marshal Zeringue