Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Karen Dionne

Karen Dionne's Freezing Point was published in September, 2008. Her second book, Boiling Point, is scheduled for publication in 2010. David Morrell has called her “the new Michael Crichton.”

From her Q & A with Sandra Parshall at Poe's Deadly Daughters:

Q. You’re not a scientist and don’t have an education in any scientific field. Why did you choose to write about science and the moral dilemmas of scientists?

A. I think all writers are drawn to the subjects that interest them most. I’ve always loved science, particularly anything to do with the natural world. I ended up choosing a different career path than pursuing a university degree, so now, I get my science fix by writing thrillers with a scientific bent. Not only do I get to learn more about the subjects that fascinate me, I can people my novels with engineers and experts and every sort of -ologist and live vicariously through them.

Q. Do you have advisors who help you make sure the science is accurate and your scenarios are plausible? How did you find them? What advice would you give to unpublished writers who may be hesitant to approach experts for help?

A. I’d be lost without my experts. For Freezing Point, I consulted with microwave scientists, explosives experts, and medical experts in the fields that are touched on in the book. More recently, while researching my new novel, I found a professor who’s an expert on South American volcanos after I read an article in which he was quoted. I went to his university’s website, found his email address, and sent him a short note explaining who I was and asking if he had time for a few questions. That conversation eventually led to a completely new plot point for Boiling Point which promises to be very exciting. Without his input, I doubt I would ever have discovered it on my own.

All of the experts I’ve talked to have...[read on]
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--Marshal Zeringue