Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jennifer Zobair

Jennifer Zobair grew up in Iowa and attended Smith College and Georgetown Law School. She has practiced corporate and immigration law and as a convert to Islam, has been a strong advocate for Muslim women's rights. Zobair lives with her husband and three children outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Her new novel is Painted Hands.

From the author's Q & A at Drey's Library:

drey: Tell us about Painted Hands.

ZA: Painted Hands is a novel about smart, successful, career-oriented Muslim women in Boston, and the difficult choices they face when relationships with unlikely men shatter their friendship, and the current political climate threatens their careers.

I knew I wanted to write about the kind of Muslim women I know personally but who are not often portrayed in the media. The actual idea for the novel came from this image I had of a Muslim feminist and a right-wing politico finding themselves attracted to one another despite their philosophical differences. I was curious if they could find love, and I wanted to explore it.

drey: What do you hope your readers walk away with after reading Painted Hands?

ZA: First and foremost, I hope they enjoy it, that it’s a good story. But I also hope it...[read on]
Learn more about the book and author at Jennifer Zobair's website, Facebook page, and Twitter perch.

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