Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Liad Shoham

Liad Shoham is one Israel's leading crime writer and a practicing attorney with degrees from Jerusalem's Hebrew University and the London School of Economics. All his crime novels (five to date) have been critically acclaimed bestsellers. Lineup is the first of his thrillers available in English.

From Shoham's Q & A with Lenny Picker at Publishers Weekly:

How did The Wire influence Lineup?

The series had an enormous effect on me. I watched it with my wife when she was toward the end of her pregnancy, and was having difficulty sleeping. Through watching the series, I realized how powerful it was to see a dramatic story told from various angles. I think that when you write the way I do, about “the system”—when you try to expand the scope to include social issues—presenting the problem from various standpoints enriches the story and gives it a level of complexity. You understand the motives and interests of the different players. There’s no good and bad, there’s only complexity. That’s why Lineup is told from the standpoint of the victim, her family, the police, the prosecutors, the courts, journalists, gangsters, and...[read on]
--Marshal Zeringue