Monday, March 17, 2014

Kristina Riggle

From a Q & A with Kristina Riggle about her 2013 novel, The Whole Golden World: In the Author Q&A section at the end of THE WHOLE GOLDEN WORLD, you say that you found inspiration for the story in a newspaper article about a similar court case. Did that immediately inspire you to start writing the book, or was it more of a set-aside-and-ponder, or another type of process entirely that eventually caused you to sit down and begin writing?

Kristina Riggle: I knew right away it would be a great seed for a story. I didn’t sit down that very minute, but I was writing not long after. Within a few days, as memory serves.

BRC: In THE WHOLE GOLDEN WORLD, you've managed to weave thought-provoking commentary on perspective, repercussions, adulthood and shades of morality gray, while also giving us a terrific page-turner. Did you set out to accomplish this, or were you simply telling a story and the provocative themes came about organically?

KR: I don’t aim for commentary, but when I put characters into particular quandaries, their own dialogue with others, plus internal narrative, lend that sort of perspective. I don’t agree with my characters all the time, by the way. They are not mouthpieces. If they align with me, it’s coincidental, not by design.

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