Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Claire Fuller

Claire Fuller is a novelist and short fiction writer. For her first degree she studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art, specializing in wood and stone carving. She began writing fiction at the age of 40, after many years working as a co-director of a marketing agency. Fuller has a masters in Creative and Critical Writing from The University of Winchester.

Fuller's new book is Our Endless Numbered Days.

From the author's TNB Self-Interview:

So, what is the story?

Peggy, an eight-year-old English girl, is taken on holiday by her father. But the holiday isn’t ten days in a static caravan on the south coast like I had when I was a child. He takes her to a remote cabin in a European forest and tells her the rest of the world has disappeared, and she believes him. She’s only eight remember, and he’s very convincing. They survive there for the best part of a decade and Peggy then makes it back home in mysterious circumstances.

I heard you didn’t start writing until you were forty. That’s pretty old, isn’t it?

Oh, enough of the age thing. There are lots of authors who didn’t start writing until they were older. Annie Proulx, for instance. She didn’t start writing until she was in her 50s, and her first novel was published when she was 57. I think...[read on]
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