Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Steph Cha

Steph Cha's latest novel is Dead Soon Enough: Juniper Song Mysteries (Volume 3).

From her Q & A with Ivy Pochoda for the Los Angeles Times:

So “Dead Soon Enough” is the third installment in your Juniper Song series. How has Song developed, grown or changed in the course of her adventures?

Song started out as this directionless millennial with an unresolved family tragedy and zero passion in her life, and then I put her through the ringer and ruined things for her even further. She's taken it all pretty well, actually. Made a few new friends, got a job. She's working as a private investigator now, and she's good at it, so there's that. She's had a lot of illusions shattered for her, and she knows people can be pretty crummy, but she still can't help trusting the ones she likes and hoping for the best.

You were pretty young when your first novel “Follow Her Home” came out. How do you feel you’ve changed as a writer since then?

I was 27 when it was published, but “Follow Her Home” is the novel I started writing when I was 22 years old, so, yeah, I've changed a lot. Almost everything I've learned about writing has happened on the job, some while I was writing the first book, and definitely some after. I like to think I've gotten better. I'm more comfortable with...[read on]
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