Sunday, October 11, 2015

John Norris

John Norris is the author of Mary McGrory: The First Queen of Journalism. He lives in Washington, D.C.

From his interview with Scott Simon for NPR:

SIMON: ... Tell me the Lyndon Baines Johnson story, if you could, please.

NORRIS: So during LBJ's administration, Mary was at home in her apartment one night. And she got a call from someone saying that he was with the Secret Service and the president planned to stop by. Mary was immediately convinced that it was one of her colleagues or friends pulling her leg. But when she opened her door and saw two Secret Service men standing by the elevator, she furiously began to tidy up her apartment and prepare for an impromptu visit from the commander-in-chief. Lyndon came in, they had a drink or two and Lyndon professed his great affection for her, Mary, I'm crazy about you, and made clear that he wanted to sleep with her. And in a way that was prototypically Lyndon Johnson, also said, I know you love the Kennedys, and now you should love me, which has to be about the worst pick-up line...

SIMON: (Laughter).

NORRIS: ...That I've ever heard in my life. And certainly the worst pick-up line for Mary.

SIMON: Why is there - at least I can't come up with somebody who is quite like Mary McGrory, male or female, that's a columnist now. Or am I wrong?

NORRIS: You know, I think that the one thing...[read on]
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