Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Reece Hirsch

Reece Hirsch is the Thriller Award-nominated author of four thrillers that draw upon his background as a privacy attorney, the latest of which is Surveillance.

From Hirsch's Q & A at My Bookish Ways:

Will you tell us what fans of the Chris Bruen series can expect from Surveillance? What inspired you to write the series?

Readers who have followed the Chris Bruen series know that I write fast-paced thrillers that touch upon scary, cutting-edge privacy and security issues, from cyberwarfare and deadly computer viruses, to state-sponsored hackers to, in “Surveillance,” NSA domestic surveillance.

The Bruen series was inspired by the issues that I deal with in my day job as a privacy and cybersecurity attorney. Much of my work involves helping companies respond to and prevent security breaches committed by hackers and cybercriminals. While my work isn’t nearly as exciting, or as hazardous, as Chris Bruen’s, I do know attorneys who do some of the things that Bruen does. For example, a few years ago I was giving a presentation with a colleague and I asked him where he was headed next. He told me that he was flying to Amsterdam to knock on the door of a hacker, in coordination with a local law firm and law enforcement, to try to recover a client’s stolen intellectual property. That story became Chapter 2 of “The Adversary,” which introduces Bruen as a character. Of course, in my version there’s a body count.

What makes Chris such a compelling character? Will you tell us more about him?

Chris’s background as a teenage hacker and a former Department of Justice cybercrimes prosecutor makes him uniquely qualified to combat cybercriminals. He’s also a cancer survivor with a case of survivor’s guilt because his wife was not...[read on]
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