Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kristen Orlando

Kristen Orlando is the author of You Don’t Know My Name.

From her Q&A at Criminal Element:

In your book, Reagan is a master of mortal combat and weaponry. What type of research did you conduct to make sure Reagan's life was as realistic as possible?

I did a ton of research for this book because, even though it’s a high-concept contemporary novel, I really wanted readers to walk away thinking, “Well … maybe there is a super-secret underground group like the Black Angels in the CIA. Maybe teen spies-in-training like Reagan really do exist!”

I did my own research, but I also spoke with people in the military and law enforcement about the types of weapons my characters would carry in everyday life, on a mission, etc. I even went to a gun range and learned how to shoot a gun for the first time because I wanted to know what it felt like. I wanted to accurately be able to describe the weight of it in Reagan’s hands, the way it knocks you back when you pull the trigger, and the way the sound rattles against your chest. I have to say, guns scare the crap out of me! But, I thought it was really important to learn so that I could really help capture all of those important moments in You Don’t Know My Name.

As far as the mortal combat, I have...[read on]
--Marshal Zeringue