Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jeffrey Cohen

Julia Buckley interviewed Jeff Cohen, author of As Dog Is My Witness.

Part of the interview:

I'm curious, because I've been introducing my sons to the joys of the Marx Brothers this summer, and you reference them a couple times in the book. Were they a big influence on you as a kid (or an adult)?

I first "met" the Marx Bros. when I was in high school. Late one night, when my father was asleep (he was a store owner, and got up at some ungodly hour), I happened across "Horse Feathers" and was cackling madly five minutes into the movie. My mother walked in, took a look, shook her head and said, "your father likes them, too," and then walked away. My life had changed.

Really I think all modern humor stems from Groucho in some way. But I'm a bit biased.

Yeah, but Harpo is sublime. The Marxes will be featured more prominently in my next book, actually.
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--Marshal Zeringue