Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heather Graham

Heather Graham's new novel is Ghost Shadow.

From her Q & A with Andrew Peterson at ITW:

Is there something in your life--a hobby or pastime--that you feel has influenced your writing?

Basically, I think that the fact that life is ever-changing has influenced my writing. Obviously, we are often able to use what we know when we write--and come up with brilliant characters and plots such as those created by Kathy Reichs, a number of our physician writers, attorney writers, police writers, and so on. Before I started writing, I had modeled, bartended, been a singing, tap-dancing rib sales girl, more restaurant and bar service, a few commercials, a few bits in movies, back-up singing, and dinner theater. None of these really help solve crime, or give a clue to crime, or allow for real knowledge for a crime-fighting protagonist.

Hmm. I have known many people who believe they are vampires, so maybe that helps! I have used a lot of actresses, dancers, singers, musicians--and I have to throw a bartender in here and there. In Ghost Shadow, the heroine is a karaoke hostess, but she's caught up in the act and forced to learn quickly about defense. But, as I said--life itself. I've used little-league, dancing, scuba-diving, comedy clubs, and all kinds of places, events, and people I've gotten into myself, or through my children. My husband is Italian-American and goes to Carnival every year, so I've made use of Venice several times. Everything in life is always a new "what if," so when...[read on]
--Marshal Zeringue