Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lee Child

Lee Child is the author of the Jack Reacher thrillers.

From his June 2012 Q & A with J. Kingston Pierce of The Rap Sheet:

JKP: You’ve been good about not criticizing the casting of 5-foot-7-inch actor Tom Cruise to portray 6-foot-5-inch Jack Reacher in a movie version of One Shot. But if you had been asked to cast the role instead, would you have gone in a different direction?

LC: Don’t forget I worked 20 years in TV drama, which is the first cousin of movie production, so I was always realistic about the process. I was thrilled to get Cruise, and beyond thrilled when I saw what he was doing. Book fans with preconceptions are going to be weirded out for the first few minutes, and then they’ll love the next 120 to death.

JKP: There’s plenty of violence in your books. Yet they’re popular with women. Those two facts don’t seem to jibe. Can you explain?

LC: I think they...[read on]
Learn about Lee Child's hero from outside literature and the fictional character he would most like to have been.

--Marshal Zeringue