Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dror Mishani

D. A. Mishani is an Israeli crime writer, editor and literary scholar, specializing in the history of detective fiction.

The Missing File is his first novel and the first in a series featuring the police inspector Avraham Avraham.

From his Q & A with Lars Schafft at Krimi-Couch:

Krimi-Couch: Mr. Mishani, The Missing File is your debut novel. More than once we can read in it that there is no Hebrew crime fiction. But now there is – thanks to your novel. Was it up to you to fix this problem?

Dror Mishani: First, it’s not me who’s saying this sentence, it’s Avi [the protagonist, Inspector Avraham Avraham]. And we know he’s not always right. I think he exaggerates a bit, because there were a few good crime novels in Hebrew (especially Batya Gur’s, of course), but still, just a few. I do hope the Avraham series can be a literary crime series that will contribute something to the genre, in Israel and maybe also in general.

Krimi-Couch: Could you please go into »literary crime series«? What does it mean to you in terms of »literary«?

Dror Mishani: A good question. I think it had to do with the goals of writing. I’m not trying to write a page-turner, I’m trying to write literature, using the detective genre. So for me, a literary crime novel is a novel about crime, but not only about crime (it is also about society, about language, about literature, about...[read on]
Learn more about the book and author at D. A. Mishani's website and Facebook page.

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