Saturday, July 16, 2016

Megan Abbott

Megan Abbott's new novel is You Will Know Me.

From her Q&A with E.A. Aymar of The Thrill Begins:

What brought on the move to your focus on teenage women as characters in your recent books? And why does it seem that elements of noir fits so well with those young women? I know you addressed this in regards to high school, but I’m curious about the particular application to females.

If I’m honest, it’s never been strategic. It’s more about following my interests and also trying to avoid well-trod terrain, to stake out newer territory within noir. For instance, my new book, YOU WILL KNOW ME, is about a woman whose daughter is a prodigy. It’s a lot about how a marriage functions when both the husband and wife are so deeply invested in their child. The families of prodigies are very compelling. How power operates in families in general fascinates me. And how it works among women, how it’s similar to, and different from, men. Noir is always about power and desire and to me they’re the engines of story. I guess it’s because I first learned story from...[read on]
Learn more about the book and author at Megan Abbott's website.

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