Thursday, April 19, 2018

Alma Katsu

Alma Katsu's latest novel is The Hunger.

From her Cheek to Geek Q&A with Chris:

When I finished the last page, I came out with a sense of hope and a whole new respect for the Donner Party. Even though it is historical fiction, I felt like I knew and admired these people more than ever before. You were really able to bring them to life for me. I’ve seen the same thing happen in friends that I’ve recommended The Hunger to. Everyone comes out with a newfound interest and respect for the Donner Party. Although The Hunger is historical fiction, was there something happening currently that made you feel that this story would resonate so well with an audience? What initially drew you to these characters and the need to tell their story?

First, let me say I’m so glad you enjoyed the book and thank you for the thoughtful review and for recommending it to your friends. It’s gratifying to know it’s the kind of book that readers want to talk about. It’s been interesting to see the response to the novel—starting out, you don’t know whether modern readers want to read about something like the Donner Party. Or maybe they’ll think they already know the story.

Like most Americans, I’d heard about the Donner Party but didn’t know the facts. I think “not really knowing” has created a mystique around it. I’d always been fascinated by it, but it wasn’t until I started doing the research that I knew I wanted to write about it. The story of the Donners isn’t just what happened at the end when they were trapped in the mountains, out of food, and facing the bleakest of circumstances. In a way, it’s not even what happened along the 2,000-mile trail. It’s the story of...[read on]
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