Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Laura Lippman

Cathy Frisinger of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram interviewed Laura Lippman about her new novel, Another Thing To Fall.

Two exchanges from the interview:

Another Thing To Fall is centered on a TV series that's being filmed in Baltimore. You have a pretty close connection to that world. Tell me about it.

I'm married to the executive producer of The Wire [David Simon]. I think one thing that's almost universally true about writers is that we're all really sick when it comes to covetousness about material. We're not envious about money, but we're really jealous about writing material. I have some material that's not unique, but is pretty unusual -- to know what TV production is like from the point of view of the boss. Most writers know what TV is like from the point of view of the young writer, but I have a really good omniscient view. A person who was really helpful to me is Laura Schweigman [Simon's assistant], who was able to fill me in on how the office is organized.

Were you with David when he did

No. We started dating in the summer of 2000. But we knew each other at The Sun. And I've been with him for the entire duration of The Wire. I was on vacation with him when he got a call from his agent who said, "If you can get me three scripts and a "bible" by Labor Day we might be able to get this on the air." We turned around.

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--Marshal Zeringue