Thursday, June 5, 2008

Marco Pierre White

At Dining with Bacchus, I've posted a new interview up with Chef Matt Murphy of The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans. Chef Matt, who worked in the kitchens of some famous chefs--including Daniel Boulud, Gordon Ramsey, and Marco Pierre White--shared some of his stories with me.

And his story about Marco Pierre White's professionalism and standards reminded of an interview the famous chef did with Alex Koppelman of Salon while promoting his memoir, The Devil in the Kitchen: Sex, Pain, Madness and the Making of a Great Chef.

The opening exchanges of the interview:

Why'd you write this book?

I think if you've been given a talent, you should show it off, if you've been given opportunity, create opportunity, and if you've been given a story, share your story. I think you have a moral duty to do that. And you know, I've had many chefs come up to me, young boys, and say, "Marco, I love your book," and that's good. But don't do what I did, chase something for 17 years I never wanted. It's a long journey, chasing something until you achieve it and actually you never wanted it. It's a very long journey.

What do you mean, never wanted it?

When I won my three stars, I realized that I'd worked for something all my life that I'd never wanted. I never questioned why, why was I chasing three stars. I never asked myself that question, because I thought it would give me happiness.
Read the full interview.

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--Marshal Zeringue