Saturday, July 26, 2008

Steven Wingate

Steven Wingate is the author of Wifeshopping.

From the transcript of a June 2008 interview with Wingate by Arsen Kashkashian:

AK: Hi, I’m Arsen Kashkashian of the Boulder Bookstore and I’m talking with Steven Wingate, the author of the short story collection Wifeshopping, which will be coming out in July. Steven, I wanted to ask you a few questions. The title, Wifeshopping, could apply to many of the stories in the collection. It’s a very varied collection, stylistically, and with many different characters, and yet you have the theme of men looking for relationships throughout the book. How did that come about?

SW: The collection came about between about 1992 and 1999, between the end of an unsuccessful marriage and the beginnings of a successful one, and I wrote a whole bunch of stories during that time. Probably two dozen stories that were all clustered around this idea of searching for love, because I think both psychically and imaginatively I was really trying to figure out what the love thing was and how relationships worked and why they didn’t work. So out of that big bunch of stories, over the years and years, I just pulled out the best, and those are the thirteen in the collection.

AK: You’ve ended that stretch of time married, and yet your characters do not have a similar fate.What was the difference between you and your characters?

SW: I think if there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with these characters and writing about these characters, and also from living, it’s [read on].
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