Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jennifer Rardin

From Jennifer Rardin's (2007) Q & A at The LoveVampires Site:

Vampires are hugely popular in our culture. Why do you think that people have such an enduring interest in vampires?

I think the fascination lies in the blood. If we were into long, boring essays by aspiring professor types we could probably find reams written on that very detail. But maybe it's too basic to cheapen with a lot of talk. So we'll just say there's Power in blood. Beauty in its function. Vulnerability in its loss. Intimacy in its sharing. We recognize that. And we can't seem to turn our backs on creatures whose survival depends on it.

How many Jaz Parks novels do you plan to write?

Twenty-two and a half. Kidding! We have five planned at the moment. If readers respond by buying the series in masses and droves we'll seriously consider expanding it. Especially if we figure out what droves actually means.
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