Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sophie Littlefield

Sophie Littlefield's third crime novel, A Bad Day for Scandal, is due out this summer.

From the author's Q & A with Jordan Foster at Publishers Weekly:

Where did you get the idea for a 50-year-old widow who runs a sewing shop and also tracks down abusive spouses?

I tend to work out all my issues through my stories, a common affliction among us writers. When I found myself struggling with everything from annoying little physical ailments to feelings of invisibility, I created a badass female character who could act out all my fantasies of regaining control of my life. On a more serious note, my decision to have Stella battle domestic violence stemmed not from personal experience but from a lifelong relationship with a woman I adored who was verbally abused for many decades. My treatment is lighthearted and not at all realistic, but at the heart of it is a recognition that this problem plagues far too many women and a wish that I could do something about it.

A thread of violence runs through your series, often intersecting with the humor.

I have a goofy taste for vigilantism. It's probably not appropriate for the daughter of a constitutional scholar, but I've always loved tales and movies where the underdog prevails in spectacular bursts of righteous ass kicking. When you make the hero middle-aged and female, however,...[read on]
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