Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kameron Hurley

Kameron Hurley's books include God’s War and Infidel.

From her Q & A at The Ranting Dragon:

So for those unfamiliar with the novel, what is God’s War about?

God’s War is a screaming, bloody adventure story set on a ravaged, contaminated world where a centuries-old holy war rages. It follows an inglorious former government assassin named Nyx and her ragtag band of felons, mercenaries, and magicians in their hunt to take down an alien gene pirate who may hold the key to ending the war.

How did the idea of Nyx come up for you? Did anyone inspire you for that character?

Nyx is a natural evolution of some complex bloody heroines I developed in early short stories. They were from post-apocalyptic/desert/resource-poor worlds, and I knew that I wanted to have the same kind of hard-bitten, experienced, take-no-prisoners personality type for Nyx.

When I started patching together what I thought was going to be my “bounty hunter novel” those characters were certainly at the top of my mind. Thing is, the more depth you give your world, the more unique the character becomes to that world. I don’t know that Nyx could exist without Umayma. That’s something I think is key to building memorable characters. They have to be people who simply couldn’t exist if you picked them up and put them somewhere else.

Was there a character that you related to more than any others? Was there a story that you enjoyed telling more than any other?

Nyx is by far easiest to write, so...[read on]
My Book, The Movie: God’s War and Infidel.

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