Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rick Mofina

Rick Mofina's latest novel is The Burning Edge.

From his interview by L.J. Sellers for The Big Thrill:

How much and what kind of research did you do with the FBI to write [The Burning Edge]?

I’d written to the FBI’s New York Field Office, with a request for help. The office was extremely busy but agreed to try to accommodate my request. It was during ThrillerFest when I was in New York City that I set up the appointment to visit 26 Federal Plaza in Lower Manhattan. I had already submitted my questions in advance. At the office, I met with a few agents who made time for me and responded to my questions and my follow-up questions. They also gave me a little tour and were extremely pleasant, professional and helpful.

During other trips to New York I also spent a lot of time on the street talking to people. I befriended a NYPD officer who I stayed in touch with. He was also extremely helpful. There is nothing like face-to-face contact and live, on-the-street research. You just gain so much more.

This story features your recurring reporter Jack Gannon, but you also have a series about another reporter, Jason Wade. How are these characters different and what are the creative advantages of having both?

I have three series actually. The first, a five-book series, features Tom Reed, a reporter with the San Francisco Star who is mid-career and struggling to keep his marriage and family together. Then came the Jason Wade trilogy. Jason is a rookie with the Seattle Mirror, who put himself through college. Then we meet Jack Gannon, blue-collar guy from Buffalo, New York, who realizes his dream to work at a major newswire service based in Manhattan. All three are...[read on]
Learn more about the book and author at Rick Mofina's website.

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