Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lucinda Rosenfeld

Lucinda Rosenfeld's new book is The Pretty One: A Novel about Sisters.

From her Q & A with Erinn Connor:

Q. "The Pretty One" revolves around the varying relationships among three sisters. Did any of it come from your own relationships with your sisters?

There were definitely emotions and anxiety that I drew on from real life. But the characters are not my sisters. I went out of my way to make them totally different, and I think it's easier when you have that distance. … But a lot of the feelings Pia [the middle sister] has, like trying to impress her sisters and being hurt and defensive and envious, that's all real. Pia is the heart of the book, and I had to try and put myself in my middle sister's shoes. I think middle siblings have it the hardest. They're trying to carve out their own identity and don't get as much attention as the older and the younger siblings.

Q. All of your books revolve around women's relationships, whether it's sisters or friends. Why are you interested in this perspective?

I feel like there isn't as much writing about friend and sister relationships. To prepare to write this book I...[read on]
Read more about The Pretty One at the publisher's website.

My Book, The Movie: The Pretty One.

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