Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shannon Stoker

Shannon Stoker has been writing her entire life. She decided to give writing a serious try after her husband bought her a small dog as a birthday gift. Nucky stole her heart immediately and she wanted a job that provided more flexibility to stay with him.

When she’s not writing Stoker enjoys watching an insane amount of television shows as well as horror movies. She got a little taste of television herself when she competed on an episode of TLC’s Four Weddings. You can catch her episode in replays on the channel. Her latest book is The Alliance: A Registry Novel.

Stoker was born in Clawson, Michigan and raised in Elgin, Illinois. She currently lives in DeKalb, Illinois with her husband Andy and small dog Nucky.

From Stoker's Q & A at IceyBooks:

IceyBooks: Describe your dystopian series, The Registry.

Shannon Stoker: In the future American girls are sold into marriages, while American boys are required to serve in the armed forces. The Registry series tells the story of Mia and Andrew, two individuals who fall in to these categories. They go against the grain and decide to reject their prescribed lives. Escape is not so easy though, since they are trailed by Mia’s former intended, and escape is not enough, because of their ties to the people left at home. The Registry examines the dystopian genre from a global standpoint and the reader gets a view of many different ideologies.

IceyBooks: Many novels are inspired by one sentence or question, was there one that sparked THE REGISTRY?

Shannon Stoker: Actually, my friend once said: “I will never join Facebook, Facebook is evil.” I thought to myself, I’ll show her an evil Facebook, and created The Registry. I think it’s funny that now she is an active member of ...[read on]
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