Monday, August 3, 2015

Naveed Jamali

Naveed Jamali's new book is How to Catch a Russian Spy: The True Story of an American Civilian Turned Double Agent.

From his Q & A with Sam Fellman for MilitaryTimes:

Q. Your bio says you don't intend to travel to Russia anytime soon. Seriously, are you ever worried about reprisal by the Russians?

A. The Russians are a professional military. They're used to losing, they're used to winning. I think that this is a story that they hope runs its course and they don't want to bring any more attention to this. The other advice I got is not to humiliate them.

Q. Putin's Russia has made itself a Western opponent again. You faced down the Russians and won. What are your takeaways from that?

A. I think one of the most interesting things is that my entire operational experience consisted of in-person meetings. The Russians were terrified about using any type of electronic communications. I would talk to my handler [about using email or phones to no avail]. That fear drove...[read on]
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--Marshal Zeringue