Saturday, November 7, 2015

Jenny Milchman

Jenny Milchman's latest novel is As Night Falls.

From her Q & A with Lance Wright at Omnimystery News:

Omnimystery News: Your books to date have all been stand-alone novels, but is there any element that ties them together?

Jenny Milchman: Yes, there is. I'd like you to meet my series character: Wedeskyull, NY. It's a small town in the Adirondacks, somewhere in Franklin County, an always wild and sometimes terrifying land. It's true that most writers don't mean a place when they say they are writing a series, but in my case the town is a recurring character. Readers can read each of my three novels — Cover of Snow, Ruin Falls, and As Night Falls — as stand-alones. But if all three are read, they will get to see small characters from one book make bigger appearances in another and vice versa. The town is seen through the prism of many different eyes. I was inspired by Stephen King's Castle Rock as a child, and later by Louise Penny's Three Pines. I think that place or setting can be as much of a force in a novel as any character or sequence of events.

OMN: Into which fiction genre would you place your books?

JM: Syndicated reviewer Oline Cogdill coined a term for a sub-genre: family thriller. Booklist reviewer Stacy Alesi, also known as the Book Bitch, uses the description domestic suspense. Both are...[read on]
Learn more about the book and author at Jenny Milchman's website.

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