Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jeff Abbott

Jeff Abbott's new novel is The First Order (Sam Capra Series #5).

From Abbott's Q & A with Kay Ellington at Lone Star Literary Life:

In your seventeen novels to date it seems you’ve traveled the world, do you do a lot of traveling for research. What are some of your favorite places to visit?

For the Sam Capra novels (Sam is a former CIA agent who owns bars all around the world), I usually go to the locale of the novel, which has been different for each book in the series. Some of my favorites have been London (a major setting for my novels Panic and Adrenaline), Paris (where I set much of Trust Me), and Miami (where I set Inside Man and some of The First Order). I’ve also done overseas travelling for book tours or literary conferences, including England, Ireland, and France. But I mostly like staying home in my office and just writing.

The First Order, your most recent novel, is your fifth Sam Capra book. For our readers not familiar with your work, would you describe the series and this newest volume?

Sam Capra is a former CIA agent in his late twenties, and a single father. He lost his promising CIA career in the events of Adrenaline (the first novel in the series, and a Today Show and Good Morning America summer reading pick). He came into possession of a number of bars around the world, to use as a cover while doing freelance work using his spy skills for a mysterious employer. Throughout the series, Sam has struggled over the death of his brother Danny, who was a relief worker killed in Afghanistan by extremists. In The First Order, Sam has found evidence that suggests Danny is not only alive, but has taken on the world’s most dangerous assassination job: killing the Russian president on American soil during a state visit. Sam has to go undercover into the inner circle around the Russian president to try to both stop and save his brother. I like to say it’s both an assassination thriller and a...[read on]
Learn more about the book and author at Jeff Abbott's website.

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