Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jonathan Santlofer

Diane Keaton and artist-novelist Jonathan Santlofer had a conversation about their work in 1998, reproduced in Interview. It opened:

DIANE KEATON: My God, Jonathan, you've done so much work since I was here last.

JONATHAN SANTLOFER: Well, you should come by more often.

DK: And the work keeps changing and evolving unexpectedly.

JS: Well, I hope so. I mean, you don't want to play the same part over and over again, do you?

DK: I'm sure many people think I've done nothing but play the same part over and over and over again.

JS: I think most people don't like actors to take on different roles, and it's pretty much the same for visual artists.
Read on for more of the Keaton-Santlofer conversation.

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--Marshal Zeringue