Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ron Currie, Jr.

Ron Currie, Jr.'s debut novel God Is Dead is out in July from Viking Penguin.

Listen to an interview with him at the publisher's website.

Also, Susan Henderson caught up with Currie at Litpark. Part of the interview:

Who are some of your favorite writers besides me? ; )

Good God, how much time do you have? Carver and Vonnegut stick to me over the long haul. David Foster Wallace and George Saunders are two of my favorite not-dead writers. Bernard Malamud. Junot Diaz. Kafka. Thomas Lynch, an undertaker who writes these beautiful essays, the kind of writing that makes you immediately feel like a better, smarter, more actualized human being the moment you read it. I went through my Kerouac phase and still enjoy some of his stuff. Hunter Thompson. Jeffrey Eugenides. Harlan Ellison (I don’t care what John Gardner said about the guy; he can be brilliant). And on and on…

Read the entire interview.

The Page 69 Test: God Is Dead.

--Marshal Zeringue