Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kit Reed

Kit Reed's many books include the soon-to-be-released Enclave.

From her November 2008 interview with SF Signal:

SFS: What themes do you address in your next book, Enclave (January 2009)?

KR: I don't really think about themes, I think about people and places and things and ideas, and let somebody else get back to tell me what the theme is. That's the critic's job. I remember being sort of shocked when my (teacher-type) college roommate started telling me about the "theme" of my first novel. I'm like, "WHAT? It's about these people..."

So the people in Enclave are Sarge, a crazy, idealistic ex-Marine who thinks he can improve the spoiled kids of the mega-rich by putting them into his tightly sealed, high-tech Academy; Cassie, who's always loved him; Killer Stade and Teddy the prince guy, two geeky kids trapped in the place; ancient Brother Benedictus, the last of his kind, and the nameless stranger who shows up mysteriously in a locked environment. And a cast of dozens enclosed in the Academy, the ragtag faculty, paramilitaries and the wild spawn of the privileged classes.

The place is Mount Clothos, a former Benedictine monastery on an isolated mountaintop on a remote island that doesn't show up on any map. For reasons.

The ideas. Well, er. There's the virus that attacks the island's server. There's the fact that kids are getting sick, and... There is, as well, the nature and function of discipline. What the um, THEMES are? Tell me when you've had a chance to read the novel :)
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--Marshal Zeringue