Friday, January 2, 2009

Sandra Ruttan

Shots contributor Damian Seaman interviewed Sandra Ruttan about her latest novel, The Frailty of Flesh.

One exchange:

Do you endorse 'Rankin with ovaries' as a description of your work? And what do you think it means?

Comparisons always make me a bit nervous, because there can be a backlash from readers. I’m a huge Rankin fan. The first author I had sign a book for me was Ian Rankin. I also think whether or not it fits is up to the individual. What’s dark to one person may be trivial to another, depending on their tastes and prior reading experiences.

I do think that it’s possible to see a Rankin influence in my work, particularly with Frailty, and in my case I have a focus on family relationships that underlines the entire book. Perhaps that’s my maternal side coming through a bit, hence the reference to ‘ovaries’. Or maybe it’s just as simple as the fact that I’m a woman.

I suppose there are things Rankin has dealt with in his books that come through in mine as well, like problems within the police department. We read things we find interesting, and we write about things we find interesting.

I could actually see my character Tain going for those incredibly long walks in the dead of night. I could also see him listening to music, but not drinking. Tain has made a conscious choice to turn away from booze.
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--Marshal Zeringue