Monday, December 28, 2009

Heather Graham

Carolyn Haines interviewed Heather Graham for ITW's The Big Thrill. Part of their Q & A:

Night of the Wolves is your newest book, a historical paranormal thriller set in New Orleans and Victory, Texas. This is the first in a trilogy, I believe. Tell us a little about the book and where the idea came from.

Night of the Wolves was a lot of fun -- but the concept didn't actually begin seriously. I was joking when I first suggested vampires in the wild, wild west, but the idea definitely grew on me! I incorporated history I find fascinating and incredibly poignant--a lot of what went on during the Civil War--or, as I was taught, growing up in the Florida--the War of Northern Aggression. But there are no sides taken in the story--both of the main characters are weary of the fighting and the death. West Texas at the time was still a very wild land where the law was difficult to uphold. It was still a frontier. But still, certain bizarre murders were bound to call attention, and military men know when they see something has little to do with war.

Night of the Wolves
is the start of a loose trilogy; the characters from this book will make appearances in the next two. Each book, however, stands alone.

You're known to create vivid heroes and heroines. Do you begin with a plot idea or a character or does it vary?

When I'm writing, the germ of the idea might come from a person who has intrigued me, a situation, or a place. I think that everyone has gone somewhere and wondered what gave the place a particular feel, or heard a fascinating true story that might lead to a great deal more. In this instance, the germ was simple--vampires in the wild, wild West!

Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal encounters?

As far as...[read on]
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