Friday, February 18, 2011

Iris Johansen

Iris Johansen is the author of numerous crime novels featuring Atlanta, Georgia, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan.

From author J. Sydney Jones' interview with Johansen:

What things about Atlanta make it unique and a good physical setting in your books?

Atlanta is a large cosmopolitan city and yet it has a historical flavor that is unique to the south. It also has a huge influx of other cultures from the Yankees up north and the citizens of the world.

Did you consciously set out to use Atlanta as a “character” in your books, or did this grow naturally out of the initial story or stories?

No, I did not set out to use the setting as a character in the beginning. I did not realize Eve was going to be a series character until after I finished the first book. It came into being as the stories progressed.

How do you incorporate location in your fiction? Do you pay overt attention to it in certain scenes, or is it a background inspiration for you?

No, I do not deliberately use scenes or locations. I use...[read on]
Read more about Johansen's latest novel, Chasing the Night.

--Marshal Zeringue