Monday, December 7, 2015

Scott Pratt

Scott Pratt's new novel is Justice Redeemed.

From his Q & A with Mark Rubenstein at the Huffington Post:

Speaking of a difficult situation, the novel has a harrowing description of "diesel therapy." It's difficult to imagine this actually happens. Will you describe it for us?

'Diesel therapy' is done on some occasions in the federal system. If you won't tell federal prosecutors what they want to hear, or if you're a discipline problem in a federal prison, they put you in handcuffs and shackles. Then, you're loaded on a bus and fed a box lunch every day. They take you around the country, from prison to prison, or to county lockup facilities, where you're allowed to get off to use the bathroom, and that's it. They ride you around until they feel they're done with you, or until a lawyer--if you have one--forces them to stop. This can go on for ....[read on]
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Coffee with a Canine: Scott and Kristy Pratt & their pack.

--Marshal Zeringue