Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Jeff Abbott

Jeff Abbott's new novel is The Three Beths.

From his Q&A with Matthew Turbeville at Writers Tell All:

MT: Where did your idea for The Three Beths come from, and would you mind talking about what it’s been like writing more everyday thrillers about women characters, especially starting with your last novel Blame, which was also welcomed with amazing acclaim from your peers and critics alike? What made you decide to go outside yourself and write about these women characters, and do you have a favorite?

JA: Well, first, the idea for The Three Beths came from a couple of different places. I thought about those missing persons cases you sometimes hear about where the police are convinced that a loved one or a relative had a hand in the disappearance, but they can prove nothing. So the accused, and the rest of the family, has to go on with their lives. What would it be like to be living inside that family, to be loyal to a missing parent and yet to also be loyal to the parent who is accused of murder? What goes on behind those walls? And then the other idea came from doing a search on social media once for an old friend, and seeing exactly how many hits I got just typing in her very common first name. . .it struck me that if I wanted to find a number of Beths, or Jeffs, or Michelles, that was easy to do. And then, because I write crime fiction, I wondered…[read on]
Learn more about the book and author at Jeff Abbott's website.

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