Monday, April 1, 2019

Roxana Robinson

Roxana Robinson’s forthcoming novel is Dawson's Fall.

From her Q&A with Annasue McCleave Wilson at Publishers Weekly:

You address contemporary issues—addiction, PTSD—in your recent work. Why move to historical fiction?

The impetus for my fiction is something that confuses and disturbs me; here I wanted to explore the subject of slavery in America and my own family’s connection to it. The subject existed in the past, so that’s where I had to go to write about it. I think of this as rich and complicated literary terrain, the setting for great historical novels like Wolf Hall, Beloved, and War and Peace. It makes immediacy more difficult. But since my family was a source, I had direct access to their experience, both through their archive and also through the culture that families pass down to their descendants. And, as in all my novels, I was exploring the moral consequences of ...[read on]
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