Thursday, June 4, 2009

Todd Kashdan

Kathryn Britton interviewed Todd Kashdan about his new book, Curious?

Their opening exchanges:

Kathryn Britton: What prompted you to write your new book on curiosity?

Todd Kashdan: I wanted to write about curiosity because it has been neglected, even though there are few things in our arsenal that are so consistently and highly related to every facet of well-being — to needs for belonging, for meaning, for confidence, for autonomy, for spirituality, for achievement, for creativity. The only books out there are getting dusty on academic library shelves. I think scientists should write books themselves to get the science out to the masses.

Kathryn: What inspiration kept you going while you were writing it?

Todd Kashdan: I have always been an anxiety researcher, especially social anxiety - people that have profound levels of shyness and fear about being evaluated. Then I started seeing people who had energizing and profoundly meaningful social interactions. I started asking them about their motivations and feelings in the midst of social interaction. What kept arising was “I felt interested” or “I was curious.” I realized that curiosity is the counter-motivation to anxiety.

When people are dealing with new people, and new challenges, they’re...[read on]
Browse inside Curious?, and learn more about the book and author at Todd Kashdan's website and blog.

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--Marshal Zeringue