Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jon Land

Andrew Peterson interviewed Jon Land for ITW. A sample of their dialogue:

You're good friends with David Morrell of the famous Rambo series. How did that come about? You've had numerous discussions with David about the role of the "thriller hero." Are there certain lines you feel thriller heroes shouldn't cross when pursuing their goals (the bad guys.)

(Laughs) Now that's a funny story! David Morrell was one of the writers (along with Stephen King, Clive Cussler and Robert Ludlum) who made me want to write thrillers. So I'm at the first ThrillerFest in Phoenix, I don't know anybody, and one morning after working out he and I ended up in the hotel gym whirlpool together. And I realize here I am talking to one of my idols, and he couldn't be more kind or gracious. No one has done more for our form or genre than David, who's proven that thriller writers can be terrific novelists as well. Which brings me to your next question. One of the things I've really explored in both my last two books, THE SEVEN SINS and STRONG ENOUGH TO DIE, is the nature of ambiguity in my heroes. Both Michael Tiranno and Caitlin Strong have plenty of demons in their closets, defined as much by their flaws as their strengths. Both will go as far as they have to get what they want. They don't define any limits for themselves when it comes to preserving their own moral codes, but they pay a steep price for that.

I really like Caitlin Strong, a modern day Texas Ranger. What is like writing a female lead role? I think you've got her personality perfectly portrayed--I was going to say "you've got her nailed" but that just doesn't sound right! I'm hoping we'll see more stories with Caitlin?

Well, first and foremost...[read on]
--Marshal Zeringue