Saturday, July 28, 2007

Deborah Moggach

In 1999, at the time her Tulip Fever released in the U.K., Deborah Moggach sat for an interview with Patricia Deevy for the Sunday Independent.

The interview opens:

Deborah Moggach should be a poster girl for good mental health. At 51, she carries no less baggage than any of us - and a lot more than many - but here she is, at home on the edge of Hampstead Heath, blooming, beautiful and beloved.

"I've got a very strong - libido sounds sexy, but it isn't that; I've got a strong joy for living and I do bounce up," she says.

"And also - like most writers - I'm quite ruthless. I stand aside from things and I think I could write about that - while it's happening, practically. I couldn't write in the middle of my divorce and I couldn't write when Mel (her partner of 10 years) died for about two or three months at all. But within three months it was welling up again."

Read the entire interview.

--Marshal Zeringue