Wednesday, July 4, 2007

John Twelve Hawks has posted an interview with John Twelve Hawks, author of 2005's The Traveler and its sequel (the second book in his Fourth Realm series) The Dark River, conducted by Gabe Chouinard.

The interview opens:

Gabe Chouinard - The Dark River, the second in the Fourth Realm trilogy, throws many new kinks and twists into the saga of Gabriel and Michael Corrigan. Was it a difficult novel to write?

John Twelve Hawks - In one way it was easier, because I didn’t have to write pages and pages explaining the particular rules of this fictional world as I did in The Traveler.

I had to remind people who read The Traveler of the realms and the barriers and the Evergreen Foundation, and I had to make it easy for someone who hadn’t read the first book to enjoy the second purely on its own, but mostly I felt like the race car had already been polished and fueled; I just had to get behind the wheel and go.

Gabe Chouinard - The first thing I noticed about The Dark River is just that – in contrast to The Traveler, it is a much darker novel, opening with a particularly harrowing scene. Is there hope left for the third novel?

John Twelve Hawks - I’m fundamentally a hopeful person. Sitting down to write The Traveler was the ultimate act of hope in my own life – hope mixed with a dash of stubbornness and anger. I don’t know if the next book will have a fairytale ending, but I truly believe that “goodness” has great strength against every form of evil.

Read the entire interview.

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