Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pia Z. Ehrhardt

In May 2003, Claire Zulkey interviewed Pia Z. Ehrhardt, who has since published Famous Fathers & Other Stories.

One Q & A from the interview:

What's the key to writing a good sex scene?

Are you saying I do? Or that I need to keep trying? Trying is okay. I work hard to get the Vaseline off the lens and look at it flat, like a video camera might. Where's the arm, where are the legs, what do they kiss on each other that isn't a cliché? The fingers? What are they doing? This process doesn't sound very sexy, does it? Oh, hell, I'll admit it: there's not a lot of love in my sex scenes. Anger helps me write them.
Read the entire interview.

The Page 99 Test: Famous Fathers & Other Stories.

--Marshal Zeringue